Let’s get this show on the road

My sister set this blog up for me some time ago, and I’ve hardly used it. Well, now I’m going to start using it. I will make an effort to post something here every Friday. I will try and keep it on topic – ie. how I, as a high-functioning Aspie, see the world, and what I’m doing in it – but there may be times when I’ve got nothing better to do than rant about the one-way system in Leeds or something.

Anyway – this entry needs some content, so here it is:

I …

  • have a genius-level IQ
  • have been creating and telling stories since I was 3
  • have been using a computer since I was 7
  • have been acting since I was 8
  • have been writing since I was 13
  • have been doing backstage work, including all levels of stage management, since I was 15
  • produced and directed my first show when I was 20
  • am now 35
  • will let you do the maths as to how many years I’ve been doing all those things.

So don’t you dare tell me I’m not experienced enough, or have to serve my apprenticeship, or that I don’t know what I’m on about.

I’m very experienced. I’m well past apprenticeship – I’m a senior journeyman, and my masterpiece* should be ready in about a year. I do know what I’m on about. And if you disagree – fuck you. I’m not going to let any more small-minded idiots hold me back because I don’t fit their expectations.

I don’t fit expectations. I exceed them.


* Masterpiece: A work of great craftsmanship to prove that a journeyman is ready to become a master.

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1 Response to Let’s get this show on the road

  1. Hello Brian, Gemma here (Dom’s wife). Looking forward to reading your blog! I write about epilepsy and autism – my experiences and my son’s – along with the odd bit of flim-flam here and there (and Doctor Who, but I suppose that’s a bit of a given) 🙂

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