Coming soon…

Oh dear, it’s Saturday, and I didn’t write a post yesterday. Sorry, but I have been rather busy, what with launching the fundraising campaign for the next production I’m taking to the Edinburgh Festival. That link isn’t there to look pretty, it’s there so you can click it, and pass it on to everyone you know, and then donate.


Anyway, due to doing KCT stuff, I haven’t had much chance to work on the piece I was trying to develop last week. With luck, you’ll get that next week. In the meantime, here’s a bit of a survey:


Does anyone actually read this blog?

If you do, would it kill you to post a comment in response to an article? I mean, the one I posted a couple of weeks ago about the wholesale re-organisation of the political system I would have thought would merit some response. Or are you all sitting there thinking, “Y’know he’s got something there, I’ll start planning the revolution at once”?

If no-one gives a shit about this blog, I’ll stop writing it. There’s no point me doing stuff like this if no one is going to read it and feedback that I’m right, or wrong, or tell me something about your own experiences or ideas in that area. I’m through banging my head on a brick wall, and if no-one’s going to respond to the articles I post, that’s what it’ll feel like I’ll be doing.


Thank you.


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