Looking at the preferred game icons on my computer may paint an intriguing picture: Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Hearts of Iron II, Mount & Blade, Daggerfall, Star Trek Armada, Star Fleet Command, Elite II Frontier, Civilization III & IV, Worms United, Imperial Glory, Unreal Tournament, Free Cell.

Two MMOs, of very different styles. Five strategy games, ranging from real-time space to turn-based early-1800s. Three RPGs, two of the sword-swinging variety, one of space trader, all of wide open sandbox. One combat unit management (in space), one side-aspect artillery game. One shooter, and one card game.

What does that tell you about me? The strategy games should tell you I’m very thinky, with a talent for resource management and asset deployment. The RPGs should tell you I’m imaginative, especially as they are all capable of being enjoyed without a story. The combat unit management and the side-aspect artillery games should tell you I enjoy combat tactics. The shooter should tell you I like the occasional shot of adrenaline. The card game should tell you I sometimes get bored. That I enjoy fantasy & science fiction (Star Trek in particular), with a side order of historical militaria, should be apparent from the genres (five sci-fi/futuristic, four fantasy/historical, one WW2, and two the length of history). I like regulation and order, because five of the games could be described as turn-based (six if you count the single-player card game). Many of them take a fair bit of dedication to learn how to play well. One of them takes itself way too seriously, one takes itself completely unseriously, while at least two others reward you for spotting in-jokes and references. And three of them require DOSBox to run, which hints I’m Old School (or maybe just old).

So, what am I? A control freak who likes to blow things up? I hope not. I do like to be in control, true, but I also have high standards, and often the only way to get things to meet them is to do them myself. A planner, and only a doer in extremis? I doubt it, I do things when they’re planned, but usually only when they’re planned. A loner with too much time on my hands? Probably, but too much time on your hands is what happens when you’re unemployed. Loner? Well, yes, I do have Asperger’s, so that’s pretty much a given. A dreamer and fantasist? Well, yeah, if I wasn’t, I never would have written six fantasy books, or taken a show to the Edinburgh Festival (and be planning another one). And what does it say about me that I managed to find a link to all but one of those games on TV Tropes Wiki? (Maybe I should have mentioned that earlier, in case anyone unfamiliar with it tried clicking them? Oh well, now you know I’m a bit evil.)

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