Spectre of the Gun

I don’t usually remember my dreams – as far as I know I don’t even usually dream. But recently, I’ve been have a rather worrying recurring vignette of a dream. Given its’ content, and the fact that I’ve had it more than once, and the fact that I remember it, I am starting to be worried.

I am dropped straight into the action, no preamble or even an attempt at set-up from my subconscious. I am standing up, I am about a foot away from someone else, someone who, on later examination appears to be female, with dark hair in a bob cut.We are struggling over a small revolver. I can’t get it out of her grip, or move it away from pointing at me. I get shot just below the shoulder. I am on the floor looking up, the woman is talking to me, but I don’t know what she’s saying. The sequence ends.

As I said, I’m really really worried.

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