Brown Envelope

I got one today, which is itself surprising because I thought they’d stopped doing Saturday deliveries in our area. This particular one was dated 14/02, which would not have been a lot of help if it had been something that needed a response in 7 days. It was a much thicker brown envelope than the one that arrived about ten days ago. This one contained lots of bits of paper, most of them giving me information that I either knew already or was irrelevant to my situation. However, there were a few pages that got me a bit worried. They were the pages detailing the introduction of PIP (Personal Independence Payments), which are due to replace DLA (Disability Living Allowance). The difference is, as far as I can make out, purely cosmetic, with maybe some slight tweaking of the thresholds for certain things. So once again, the bureaucrats are changing things that already work, in favour of something that merely looks better and probably has no practical difference to the vast majority of people. What a waste of money.

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