King Cobra Theatre update

Progress! A lot of it has only happened in the last couple of weeks, so here’s an update:
We are funded. All of our production bare essentials are funded – we still have other things we’d like to include in the project though, and so we are still accepting donations. Any donation made will be rewarded with the same perks for the amount listed on our Indiegogo campaign page. Please use the details on the Contact page to ask about how to donate.
We have secured a venue. Once again we are at The Gryphon in Edinburgh, this time for a performance run from Tuesday 12/08/14 to Saturday 16/08/14. More details nearer the time, but if you need to book a holiday in Edinburgh to come and see us, those are the dates you want. We have also received interest from The New Bradford Playhouse about again putting on a preview performance there.
Auditions will be held on Saturday 17/05/14 at 1pm at The New Bradford Playhouse. If you can act and would like to be in a production at the world’s largest and most prestigious performing arts festival, please come along!

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1 Response to King Cobra Theatre update

  1. aspiesooz says:

    Oh, bravo! As someone who works in arts marketing for a local authority venue, it’s always great to hear about new work. Have a great show week!

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