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Help save the New Bradford Playhouse

The New Bradford Playhouse is suffering a bad case of The Liquidators. There is a petition to sign to help keep the venue as a theatre, and a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to try and buy the venue when it … Continue reading

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Disabled Privilege

Being privileged is not something you associate with being disabled. Nevertheless, it exists, if only in a vague roundabout way. And it starts with a piece of legislation designed to eliminate privilege – the Disability Discrimination Act. This piece of … Continue reading

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I was watching an episode of Jeeves & Wooster the other day. It was one of the ones in America, and Bertie’s fearsome Aunt Agatha has come to stay. At the start of the episode she had given Bertie the … Continue reading

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Define Insanity. Paying every human being an Unconditional Basic Income or Reinventing Spanish Flu?

Originally posted on Elect A Great BIG Loony:
Someone accused us of being insane the other day, just because we advocate paying every human being an Unconditional Basic Income. Insane? Us? We want to eradicate poverty. Were not the ones…

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There appears to be an ever-growing culture of tipping serving staff in this country. I’ve got nothing against tipping as a whole, but I do feel that a tip should be a reward rather than an expectation. You get an … Continue reading

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Henry V: Here & Now

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