Keith Ordinary Guy

Dear Mr Cameron,

I think the thing that shocks me most about what is happening in my country today at your governments unlovely hands is that we are being ripped off. What’s sad about that is that we’ve always been ripped off, but there was a level of decorum about it, we went along with it because it was conducted in a hidden and highly encultured way. You could say that we were blinded by familiarity and that prevented me, certainly, from expressing the true level of indignation it justly deserved.

What you have done is to strip it of the wrapping, thrown away decorum, sneered at our encultured oppression and decided to put the boot in.

Ordinary people are the bread basket of the nation, you take our labour for granted as if it is a duty we are born to, and we pay for working through inescapable taxation, unlike the wealthy and privileged, we pay again when we shop, in taxes and profits, perhaps adding to the profits of the very companies we work for and who sell us back the fruits of our own labour at a profit. We are penalised financially at every turn, paying ludicrous interest for loans instead of a fixed fee (house buying is a complete financial scam and an outrage), fines for late payments, in fact life is full of endless penalties. It is ordinary people who pay the most for everything, with the least protections from corporate and government predators on our lives.

We pay for welfare, where else does it come from? Yet you treat us like thieves and scroungers. We pay for wars, for armament and defence, we pay for being spied on by GCHQ, we pay for our health services and we pay for their privatisation, we pay for MPs and the civil service, we pay for the extraordinary infrastructure that surrounds our lives and is mostly taken for granted.

We pay for royalty and incredibly wealthy landowners, we pay for the entire rotten edifice of government, your inflated pay, expenses and subsidised meals and booze and every last stamp and paper clip. We pay for the police who kettle us at protests and for Boris’s water cannons to attack and subdue us should we express our discontent on the streets.

The rewards for ordinary people are few (we are encouraged, nay demanded, to consume, as if that is a reward) for all that we put into maintaining this country, and everything we do is met with ingratitude and punishment from those who most benefit from us. We are subject to name calling and vilification from government and the media, punished for being down on our luck (as if luck has anything to do with it?), ripped off, penalised, taken to the cleaners, denied even food and shelter, sanctioned for being alive. Even our kids are farmed out so that we can strive harder and we even pay for that too. It’s the greatest show on Earth, the greatest confidence trick and cultural amnesia of all time.

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