Coming up…

You may have been wondering about my recent silence. The reasons go something like this: A few weeks ago it was the funeral of my last surviving grandparent. That was an event that got me thinking seriously about some things. Shortly after that, the curse of the internet fucktards struck, and I just didn’t have the energy to do anything much apart from all the preparation for my Edinburgh show that I’m doing. Then last week was the press day for the whole Edinburgh Festival, which meant I had to go to Edinburgh at early o’clock in the morning and got home at late o’clock at night, and none of the time in between had internet access.

So now, we are minutes away from it being the day where we travel up to Edinburgh, and it looks like it’s going to be a bloody horrible day for driving. And at the end of it, we don’t get much rest, we have to work, and emit positive vibes about the show, and so on.

Henry V: Here & Now – 1630 to 1730 at the Gryphon (Venue 109), 12/8/14 to 16/8/14, tickets £5.

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2 Responses to Coming up…

  1. aspiesooz says:

    Eeeeeep! Have a great festival. Hope the shoe’s gone well.

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