Election 2015

I suspect you’d either have to be living under a rock or in a foreign country to not realise that the UK is going to have a general election in a few days. It will be the most important general election since the Second World War. Whether the three main Establishment parties realise it or not, politics has changed significantly in the last 10 (or even 5) years. There were the first rumblings of it at the 2010 election, but the massive engagement and turnout at the Scottish Independence Referendum last year should have been the loudest wake-up call that things have and are changing.

Just as people are realising our obsolete and not-fit-for-purpose voting system, designed in the days when only rich men who owned land were allowed to vote, cannot give us a fairly-elected leader, the electorate are also realising that we don’t have to listen to or believe the utter bullshit spewing out from the Establishment parties. In this day and age, there are literally hundreds of places where you can get information from, information that reflects more accurately what the actual effects of policies are than the official sources. Thanks to the internet, everyone has a voice, and it’s time those voices were heard.

The loudest voices are still from the mainstream press, a shockingly high proportion of which support the right-wing policies of the Conservatives. You only have to go on the internet and make the most cursory search, though, to find out what’s happening to the vast majority of people who are affected by the government policies.

Broadly speaking, the people of this country have had enough. Had enough of lying, cheating, conniving, self-satisfied bastards running the country. For five years now, the Conservative party have done their best to strip this country’s assets and sell them to their mates. In doing so, they have driven down the quality of life of millions, cut funding to essential and needed services across the country, lied through their teeth about whether their policies are working or not, and what they are actually doing – and their Lib-Dem coalition partners did nothing to stop them.

Even by his own figures, and based on his own claims and predictions, George Osborne’s economic plans have failed utterly – and yet the Tories claim that Austerity is working. It’s working for the rich, in that the richest 1000 people in the country doubled their wealth under this government, where the rest of us have had to stomach cut after cut in the buying power of what little money we have.

The only parties that will change things are the ones that will benefit from things changing. The Tories, Labour and Lib-Dems won’t change a system that benefits them, not when 23% of the electorate can give one party 47% of the parliamentary seats. Vote for the parties that are not in power, and things will change. Even if you live in a “safe seat”, vote for the Greens, or SNP or Plaid Cymru if approprite – a reduced majority will warn the incumbent that the clock is ticking, and unless they start listening to their constituents their career will be deader than Rasputin.

I implore anyone who is reading this to spread the word. DO NOT VOTE FOR A MAJOR PARTY! Ideologically, the Tories, Labour and Lib-Dems are so close together there is little to tell them apart. Vote for a party that is actually different (and no, I don’t mean UKIP – UKIP are funded by and composed of ex-Tories who didn’t think the Tories were being extreme enough), and it will be the first step to getting rid of the selfish bastards who run the country, and replacing them with people who actually car about the vast majority of the electorate, because they’re not millionaire career politicians (seriously – in the last cabinet, almost everybody was an income millionaire who had never had a job that a friend or relative hadn’t blagged on their behalf; what can people like that know of ordinary life?).

If you think that the voting system means a vote that is not for Blue-Tories, Red-Tories or Yellow-Tories is a wasted vote, then there are things that can be done. Here is a petition that is asking for another election if no party ends up with 40% of the votes cast. There’s been a lot of foaming at the mouth in the right-wing press about “legitimacy” in the event of a hung parliament – they are all thinking of not letting the SNP get any power, they’re all quietly ignoring the fact that less than a quarter of the population actually voted for the Conservatives last time.

Don’t forget to sign and share the petition, please.

EDIT: More things! Keep the Tories out and A sweary, angry yet accurate report on the Coalition’s time in office


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