Election Aftermath

That was the worst possible result from almost any perspective. From the perspective of anyone who cares about the environment, social justice and equality, economic recovery, the quality of life of the vast majority of people in the country (particularly those with disabilities), the NHS, quality education, affordable and reliable public transport, good quality community services and facilities, and the ability to both be able to heat your home and feed yourself, that was an utter disaster. From the perspective of anyone who cares about maintaining their privileged status, the ability of big businesses to make a profit (whether at the expense of ordinary people and/or the environment or not), and the opportunity for personal enrichment no matter the cost to others, that was perfect.

The Conservatives won a majority, mainly on the back of a campaign of fear and division run in a right-wing press. They received only 36% of the votes cast, and 24% of the votes of the total electorate, giving them another term without a mandate to govern. With 3.8% and 12.6% of the vote, The Greens and UKIP both won only seat each – which is ridiculous compared to the SNP’s 4.7% and Lib-Dems 7.9% of the vote getting them 56 and 8 seats respectively.

The SNP won almost every seat in Scotland based on a clear and strong position of opposing the ideological Conservative policies of austerity and neoliberalism. The Green Party and Plaid Cymru, with similar messages, were largely ignored by a populace inculcated by years of media bias and a two-party system to vote either Labour or Conservative. Labour lost many seats due to their lack of policies that were different from the Tories, while the Lib-Dems were wiped out as a political force, due to their electoral treachery in 2010 and how they behaved in coalition with the Tories. Neither Labour nor the Lib-Dems seem to realise or understand exactly why they lost so heavily.

What is going to happen now is not more of the same as the last five years. What is going to happen now is that the Conservatives are going to increase and accelerate their programme of persecuting the poor, disabled and disadvantaged, and of selling off national assets, in order to enrich themselves and their friends, and due to their Commons majority, there will be very little to stop them. The best we can hope for is for the opposition to force a vote of No Confidence and win, but that is highly unlikely to occur. If it does, it will stop the Tories in their tracks and force another election. If it doesn’t, then we have our outdated and not-fit-for-purpose electoral system, combined with a rabidly right-wing mass media, to thank for turning our country into what will effectively be a feudal society.

Anyone who voted Conservative is a gullible, cowardly, completely fuck-witted idiot. Anyone who wants things to change is advised to follow these links:


38 Degrees

Electoral Reform Society (Petition)

Sum Of Us


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