New Year, New Hope

At least, that’s the theory.

A new year is often seen as a time for renewal and revitalisation, a time for resolutions to do things that have not been done before, a time to start something afresh. Plenty of studies have shown a surge in buying things and in joining things in the first week of January. And plenty of jokes have remarked that by the end of January, the enthusiasm is gone and the new activity has been dropped by the wayside, whether that new activity be going to the gym or not eating so much cake.

There is a whole motivational and self-help industry, particularly in the USA, that tries to get people to maintain their New Year resolutions. There are also plenty of cafes, pubs, shops, and so on who wait around for February to release special offers in order to entice people back to their old ways.


My NYR: Do stuff

What’s yours?

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