Yeah, I know this is late. I’ve not really been able to think of a topic to write about though, so you’re getting random thoughts today…

Why does the cellophane wrapping that new DVDs come in almost never have a peel-strip so you can get it off easily?

Oh look, the floor outside is covered in white stuff.

Aren’t these low-energy bulbs supposed to have a lifetime of several years longer than incandescents?

When did Müller fruit corners become so hard to fold over?

No crème eggs in the shops yet (unusual), but there are crème egg mousses

We all live in a yellow submarine

Really must fix my CD shelves. And put up my new bookshelf

Can’t stand Mary Ann Hobbs on the BBC 6 Music weekend breakfast show

Holiday booked: Gibraltar in February

When did reading books become passée (among the population at large)?

I should probably look at taking advantage of my Prime account

I have made attempts to get started on only 2/4 of the things I am loosely dubbing New Year Resolutions


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