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North Korea has fired another test missile, this time over Japanese territory. Officials in Japan and the USA have called it an outrageous provocation – as has the UK’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson. We need to make sure that BoJo … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Movie

is going to be a couple of episodes of The World At War. So, not a movie.  

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The 13th Doctor

So, the new Doctor Who is a woman. So what? I hear she’s a good actor, and casting directors tend to know what they are doing, and from all reports the stuff Chris Chibnall has worked on before has been … Continue reading

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Please sign and share if you don’t want a spoiled brat dragging us into a war on the other side of the world <a href=””></a&gt;

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Stopping Brexit

“Brexit is the will of the people, democratically expressed in a valid referendum.” No. No, it isn’t. It never was, and it never will be. The only reason people are saying so is because the mainstream media, the majority of … Continue reading

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