Optimates delenda est

The Conservative party has always been the party of the rich; the monied and the titled, the landowners and the business magnate. There are some who fall into those categories who, due to conscience or not being born into their privileged position, place their political allegiance elsewhere – but they are not the norm.

Conservative politicians are usually from families rich enough so that they never have to work a day in their lives. If they do ever have a job, chances are it’ll pay more than twice the national average salary, and Daddy or some other relative of an older generation will have arranged it on their behalf. From those who sat in the House of Commons since 2010, over 100 were income millionaires, many more were millionaires by capital (land, stocks & shares and/or funds), and about a dozen had some sort of title or were heir to one. Every member of the current cabinet is a millionaire.

The Conservative party is the party of keeping the flame of feudalism alive. They are the descendants of the barons who answered only to the monarch, and even then only if the monarch could raise a bigger army than them. The peasants who worked their land meant absolutely nothing to them; they were nothing more than a source of income (taxes) or warm bodies with which to fight a war. Societal, legal and political reforms may have removed their legal status as everything from arbiters of justice to tax gatherers to military commanders, but in their heads they still feel it is their right to make rules that only others have to obey, to dictate from on-high how the world should be according to them; they are at the top of a pyramid, and if those forming the lower layers do not pass upwards what they feel is due tribute, they are in a perfect position to crush them under their booted heels.

A certain segment of society has always believed the rules do not apply to them, that they are above constraints that lesser being have to accept. Wealth, birth, political influence; pick one, two, or all three. They have power – power they take so completely for granted that the responsibilities which go with it have no bearing on their lives. Power that they abuse with a casual lack of concern that sickens many of the people they purport to govern or manage. They have a vicious, small-souled egotism that makes them truly believe they are superior to those about them, and that their position will eternally protect them from the consequences of their actions.

The Conservatives who have been in power since 2010 have exhibited these traits and more: Self-centred arrogance. Habitual and persistent lying, even in the face of contrary evidence. Acting only in their self-interest, never thinking that the interest of others (or the country) might be different. Corruption, law-breaking, hypocrisy in word and deed.

As an artefact of the quality of education that they paid for, many of them have an understanding of Latin. Latin is a dead language, no one has used it as their first language for over 1500 years. Meanings of words in Latin do not change, because there is no one speaking them in everyday conversation to apply different meanings and usages to them. Therefore, the words that Cato the Elder spoke at the end of all his speeches in the Roman Senate, calling for total victory over Carthage, will be recognised and understood by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, and Asterix readers: Carthago delenda est – Carthage must be destroyed.

I want to put the Conservatives on notice. Their behaviour, their policies, their attitude, is not only toxic in general, it damages society and the country. They are supposed to be governing this country for the benefit of all, yet there is a vast plethora of evidence that they are governing it only for the benefit of themselves and their financial backers. That is not acceptable. They have had seven years to change their ways; seven years in which protests have taken place, in which evidence has been published, in which the United Nations has studied this country and found them to be inhumanely treating the unemployed and the disabled.

They have not changed. Therefore, their time is up.

Optimates delenda est.


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1 Response to Optimates delenda est

  1. danielscheiner says:

    It has only gotten worse I came to the same Latin conclusion just now. Funny thing is Cato the Elder was an Optimate

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