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I have a significant birthday coming up in two months. If you feel the need to buy me a present, buy via the following link and support Alzheimers Research UK Advertisements

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You may have noticed I have been largely off social media for about four months. Basically, I’ve been ill. Well, not ill as such. Y’see, back in January, I noticed I was getting a bit itchy. By the time I … Continue reading

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I am a mess. Really quite badly fucked up. I’ve just come back from the 2016 DiscWorld Convention. It’s one of the biggest and friendliest fan conventions in the country, and is held in DW-fandom to be a wonderful and … Continue reading

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The Sorting Algorithm of Housework

My flat really needs a hoover. But I hate hoovering. What else can I do? I could clean the bog. Washing up! Is there any washing up? A tiny amount, there’d be no point until after I’ve cooked dinner this … Continue reading

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What I Did on my Holidays

Sorry this is a bit late, but I’ve always had a bit of trouble with deadlines. I went to Gibraltar last month (Pictures to follow) February’s View picture is also up

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New Year, New Hope

At least, that’s the theory. A new year is often seen as a time for renewal and revitalisation, a time for resolutions to do things that have not been done before, a time to start something afresh. Plenty of studies … Continue reading

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Non-verbal Communication

As an Aspie, I tend to miss a lot of non-verbal communication. I know it’s there, and sometimes I can get a handle on it, but  generally all I get is what’s said. I know what non-verbal communication involves – … Continue reading

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