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The 13th Doctor

So, the new Doctor Who is a woman. So what? I hear she’s a good actor, and casting directors tend to know what they are doing, and from all reports the stuff Chris Chibnall has worked on before has been … Continue reading

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Predictability in Classics

The BBC has recently begun airing a dramatisation of War and Peace, an apparently epic and classic piece of literature, set in Russia during the Napoleonic Wars. I’ve never read the book or watched a film of it, so I … Continue reading

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Internet Arguments

I do not enjoy internet arguments, and yet I keep on being involved in them. I try and keep detached and stay calm, but invariably someone will post something that is such a load of bullshit on a subject that … Continue reading

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Here’s the end result of what I started pondering on a few weeks ago. It seems to me, most people tend to go through life vaguely satisfied with how it’s progressing, only seeking to change said progress for what they … Continue reading

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