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NaNoWriMo 2015

National Novel Writing Month is approaching again. When I last had occasion to discuss NaNoWriMo, I talked about a couple of things that didn’t go as planned. The first was that year’s entry – Jurassic Park meets Starship Troopers, I … Continue reading

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Spectre of the Gun

I don’t usually remember my dreams – as far as I know I don’t even usually dream. But recently, I’ve been have a rather worrying recurring vignette of a dream. Given its’ content, and the fact that I’ve had it … Continue reading

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Let’s get this show on the road

My sister set this blog up for me some time ago, and I’ve hardly used it. Well, now I’m going to start using it. I will make an effort to post something here every Friday. I will try and keep … Continue reading

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These Ain’t No Sitting Ducks | Oracle Roulette

I’m very proud to say that Brian is taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe next week! Here is my blog about it. If you are in the area, please do go and see it! These Ain’t No Sitting Ducks … Continue reading

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