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Optimates delenda est

The Conservative party has always been the party of the rich; the monied and the titled, the landowners and the business magnate. There are some who fall into those categories who, due to conscience or not being born into their … Continue reading

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The 13th Doctor

So, the new Doctor Who is a woman. So what? I hear she’s a good actor, and casting directors tend to know what they are doing, and from all reports the stuff Chris Chibnall has worked on before has been … Continue reading

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At the time of the general election earlier this year, the membership level of the Labour party (which, despite protestations of the leadership and the media, has been at least centre-Right since 1995) was around 200,000. Four months later, and … Continue reading

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Call to Action

I dare say that many people reading this will be in favour of things like social justice, equality, a welfare state that complies with the articles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, a publicly-funded NHS, environmental protection, ordinary people … Continue reading

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Disabled Privilege

Being privileged is not something you associate with being disabled. Nevertheless, it exists, if only in a vague roundabout way. And it starts with a piece of legislation designed to eliminate privilege – the Disability Discrimination Act. This piece of … Continue reading

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I was watching an episode of Jeeves & Wooster the other day. It was one of the ones in America, and Bertie’s fearsome Aunt Agatha has come to stay. At the start of the episode she had given Bertie the … Continue reading

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Normal People

It occurs to me that I know very few “normal” people. By “normal”, I mean what the mainstream media think of as “normal”, and try and promote as such: White, Anglo-Saxon, heterosexual male with no physical or mental disabilities and … Continue reading

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Apparently this week it’s the Winter Paralympics. I’ve barely heard anything about it in the news. And there’s two problems right there. Problem 1 – Coverage. Okay, the timing isn’t the best, what with a rather large war potentially brewing … Continue reading

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