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Non-verbal Communication

As an Aspie, I tend to miss a lot of non-verbal communication. I know it’s there, and sometimes I can get a handle on it, but  generally all I get is what’s said. I know what non-verbal communication involves – … Continue reading

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Disabled Privilege

Being privileged is not something you associate with being disabled. Nevertheless, it exists, if only in a vague roundabout way. And it starts with a piece of legislation designed to eliminate privilege – the Disability Discrimination Act. This piece of … Continue reading

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State of Mind

I am disabled: I have a neurological condition that severely inhibits my ability to recognise non-verbal communication, increases my anxiety in new social situations or with large groups of unknown people. I am not registered as disabled: I claim ESA … Continue reading

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King Cobra: Crowdfunding update

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Great Power

There is a saying. “With great power comes great responsibility.” It’s bullshit. It’s the sort of thing those without power, usually due to societal position meaning they’ll never get any more power than that of middle-manager status, say to try … Continue reading

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