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Tribalism, or: Divided We Fall

Britain is effectively a one-party state. That’s a bold opening statement, isn’t it? However, it is accurate, and I’m going to tell you why. We use a voting system known as First Past The Post. Under that system, the one … Continue reading

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Call to Action

I dare say that many people reading this will be in favour of things like social justice, equality, a welfare state that complies with the articles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, a publicly-funded NHS, environmental protection, ordinary people … Continue reading

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Election Aftermath

That was the worst possible result from almost any perspective. From the perspective of anyone who cares about the environment, social justice and equality, economic recovery, the quality of life of the vast majority of people in the country (particularly … Continue reading

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So, in case you were unaware, on Thursday we had some elections. The whole of the UK had elections for the European Parliament, and most of England had elections for local councils as well. Just take a few minutes to … Continue reading

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Shackles of the Mind

This post has been hanging around in my files for quite a while.  I’ve finally got round to posting it.   I spent the first 30 years of my life not knowing I had a learning disability – about 85% … Continue reading

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