Escape From the Country

There is something very hurtful about having the concept you’ve been embracing being used as little more than an irreverent comment by someone whose ethos you despise.

A few days ago, I emigrated to Sweden. I was on one of only six planes leaving the UK for Sweden that day, and Sweden decided to join the growing collection of EU nations that had a blanket travel ban on journeys from the UK, effective from the midnight after I landed. The concept of escaping the UK was very real and apparent, and when you include my desire to not be on the receiving end of willfull neglect and persecution by the UK government, “escape” – particularly in the context of being “just in time” – takes on a very clear and real meaning.

So you can imagine how disgusted I felt when I saw that a right-wing journalist had tweeted a picture of a plane coming in to land over what looks like a tropical paradise claiming that she had escaped just in time.

Escaped? Really? What exactly did you escape from? The opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of pounds a year by spewing your vile opinions to people who don’t have the critical thinking skills to see what a pile of shit you are? The opportunity to live a life of luxury when the vast majority of those around you are in poverty/starving/diseased? Would there ever have been a thunderous knocking on your door at the crack of dawn because something you said disagreed with the government’s propaganda? Would that knock have come because you are disabled? Has a UN special inspector ever declared that a demographic group that you belonged to is being persecuted or treated inhumanely by the government?

You fucking piece of shit witch.

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3 Responses to Escape From the Country

  1. If we could, we’d be following you. But there are so many things keeping us here in the UK – not least, my son.

    Enjoy Sweden! 🙂

    • sabremeister says:

      I realise that, to some extent, I am lucky in being able to relocate myself to another country without causing utter upheaval in others’ lives. To those like you trapped in the UK, I offer my sympathy.

      • It’s a beautiful country, and I hope you love it out there. England hasn’t been a welcoming place for the likes of you and I for many years, now, and I wish you every joy and success in your new life.

        May I ask which part of Sweden you’ve moved to? We would love to return for a holiday one year (Stockholm again, probably) and a mini-AFPer meet could be pleasant 🙂

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